Parliamentary All Party

Betting & Gaming Group

Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 4th July 2017 at 6pm in Room W2

1. In attendance were the following:

Philip Davies MP – In the Chair

Baroness Golding

Rt Hon John Spellar MP

Laurence Robertson MP

Lord Howard of Rising

Nigel Mills MP

Lord Donoughue

Steve Donoughue – Secretariat

2. The meeting was agreed to be quorate

3. The following Officers were re-elected unanimously:

Baroness Golding – Co-Chair
Philip Davies – Co-Chair
Lord Mancroft – Vice-Chair
Rt Hon John Spellar MP - Vice Chair

Lord Donoughue – Secretary

The following was elected unanimously for the first time:

Conor McGinn MP - Vice Chair

4. It was agreed that a guide to the British gambling industry and the work of the Group, to be written by the Secretariat, would be sent to all new MPs

5. Expenses for 2016/17 were forthcoming, below the £12,500 limit that requires submission of income and expenses and that the Group's bank balance was in credit 

6. There was no any other business