Parliamentary All Party

Betting & Gaming Group

Welcome to the website of the Parliamentary All-Party Betting & Gaming Group.

Our stated purpose is:  

To act as a forum for the discussion of issues concerning betting and gaming in the UK. 

We are a group of Parliamentarians who have a shared interest in the UK gambling industry.

We regularly meet with stakeholders in the industry.

This website will provide you with information about who we are, what we do, who we meet and how you can get in contact with us

Please note that due to the dissolution of Parliament, from the 3rd May 2017 to the 8th June 2017, the Parliamentary All Party Betting & Gaming Group will be inactive.

Parliamentary rules prohibit groups from making public comment, holding events, undertaking research or issuing communications, or allowing others to do so in their name. This website will not be updated and no communication requests answered.