Parliamentary All Party

Betting & Gaming Group

Income/Expenditure 2015/16

In 2015/16 all income and expenditure was associated with the putting on of the Future of Gambling seminar series

The Parliamentary All Party Betting & Gaming Group is under no obligation to reveal to the public the costs of putting on the seminar series because the income received from our Associate Members falls below the limit of £12,500, set by Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, which would warrant the need for the submission of an income and expenditure statement. However, it is the wish of The Parliamentary All Party Betting & Gaming Group to provide transparency in all our actions wherever possible, so the Group has agreed to allow for a financial disclosure to be provided:


Income from Associate Membership fees for the Parliamentary year 2015/16 = £10,000


Marketing costs:

The supply of a printed flyer detailing the seminar series which was distributed to every Parliamentarian = £620.40 (including VAT)
The supply of 2 X pull up self-standing banners with the APBGG logo & name printed = £259.20 (including VAT)

Total Marketing Costs = £879.60

Seminar Costs:

The costs of venue hire, refreshments, refreshments staff and PA equipment supplied by the House of Commons Refreshments Department (all including VAT).

19th April 2006, The Future of Remote Gambling                                              £171.21
26th April 2006, The Future of Betting Shops                                                     £1,680.00
23rd May 2006, The Future of Casinos                                                                 £2,22.25
7th June 2006, The Future of Gaming Machines                                                 £2,210.00
5th July 2006, Research, Education & Treatment into Problem Gambling     £2,290.00

Total Seminar Costs = £6,573.46

Total costs of Seminar Series = £7,453.06

The difference in costs between the seminars is due to the different venues used. Part of our objective was to test the different venues on the basis of cost, usability and whether their location made a difference to the number of Parliamentarians that attended. In general we found the use of Palace of Westminster venues was not as much value for money as those in Portcullis House.

 The remainder of our budget (£ 2,546.94) was spent on the Parliamentary All Party Betting & Gaming Group End of Year Reception held on the 20th July in the Churchill Rooms of the Palace of Westminster with in excess of 90 industry members attending and Parliamentarians. The minimum cost of the Churchill Rooms for a 2 hour hire is £1,350 for room hire, minimum catering spend of £800, £60 for a P.A. system & £80 service charge.